Terms & Conditions

Very important - Please read before contacting me.

  • Introduction:

   If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at least 1 month before you need the artwork/s. Most artists usually have other projects/bands they work with, and we need to know in advance how to plan out our schedule. If you will need something urgently, I will charge extra for it. I will also need an aproximate deadline for the project.

  • Contact:

   You can contact me on Facebook: Luciana Nedelea - Artworks, or send me an e-mail to: Vallachorum_Noctis@yahoo.com. When you contact me I will need the following information: your name; your project's name; some links to your pages and further information about the band/project; number of artworks needed; a very good description of what you need/have in mind regarding the artwork; if possible please send a sketch/sketches, or any examples that you think could help me understand the style and atmosphere you are looking for; lyrics and music also help me very much, so if you are able to share those with me, that would help a lot; please mention the technique that you would like me to use for your artwork (ink on paper, acrylic, watercolor, etc) and if you would like it to be in colour or black & white.

  • Communication:

   I expect you to be prompt every time I send a message/e-mail/information. I understand a 1 day delay, but I can't wait a week for a reply. I also demand professionalism from everyone I work with, and expect you to know what you want and what you are doing.

  • Project and time frame:


   Once you've given me all the information I need, you will get an aproximate day/date when I will contact you with sketches and we will proceed from there. When we've agreed on a final design, you will be given a final date when your artwork will be ready. Please make sure that it is really what you want and that you won't change your mind when I'm about to finish the artwork. It usually takes around 3-4 days for me to finalize a project of 1 piece. If requested, I can also send progress pictures of the pieces we are working on. Once the artwork is finalized, you will be contacted with a watermark/copyright version. You will receive all your files once you've paid for the artwork.

  • File format:

   Please mention the file formats you will need. I usually send small and high resolution files in JPG, PSD, PDF, PNG. 

   If we've come to an agreement and you decided that you only wanted the electronic format of the artwork, please do not contact me 3-4 years later asking for the original, unless you've expressed the desire of acquiring it at a latter point in time.

  • Payment:

   Prices will be discussed in private. Payment will be done via PayPal. If that isn't available for you, we can discuss different payment options. You will only receive your files once the transaction is finalized!!!

Compared to other artists, I like to think that I can trust the people that I work with, therefore I do not charge 50% in advance. I always keep my word, and I expect you to do too., as any respectable human being would. Full payment will be done only once the artwork is finalized, and if you are 100% happy with it. I expect you to pay within 3 days from the date you were shown your artwork.

  • Copyright:

   Every time my art is shared on social media, I expect to be mentioned as the creator of the artworks, as a form of respect for the artist you have worked with. Your band will always be mentioned by me in connection to your artwork and it will be promoted on my facebook and instagram pages. Your merchandise will also be promoted, and I request one copy of everything my art will be used on.

   I also expect to be mentioned by the record labels you work with, reviewers, etc, because too often I see people that take pride in showing off my art on their pages in order to gain a bigger audience, and they happily sell merchandise with MY ART, but they rarely mention the creator of the artworks, as if I don't exist, and this goes for most artists! It only takes a few seconds to type a name. We want our work to be respected, just as you would want the same for your hard work.

Information for bands:

Information for fans and customers:



© All Artworks created by Luciana Nedelea can not be shared, altered or reproduced without permission. 

  • You are not allowed to use any of my artworks commercially without my permission.

  • You are not allowed to modify or edit any of my artworks without permission.

  • Most of the artworks shared on my site or social media belong to bands or people I work with, so please make sure to mention the source and owners of the artworks if you share them, to avoid others from stealing and using them without permission.

  • Even though I highly appreciate it when my art is shared and loved by people, if you use my art as your facebook cover, profile picture, share it on tumblr, pinterest, instagram, etc, please always mention the source.

  • When you buy a PRINT, you do not own the copyright for the artwork!!!! I was asked this a few times, so I just want to be very clear about it. You will need to buy the original artworks to have the copyright for any of my works. It's just like buying a book or CD with a nice cover...obviously you do not own the right to reproduce it, just because you paid for a copy. Original artworks are a bit more pricey.