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Art Prints

To order prints, please contact me on facebook (Luciana Nedelea-Artworks) or send an e-mail to, and mention the name of the prints and the format you want.

Payment: PayPal transaction.


A3 Format:


  • All print orders come with FREE stickers, and a FREE A3 print, different to the one you choose.

  • Glossy paper, 250 grams: 20 euro (+ 15 euro shipping).

  • International shipping/shipped in tubes/tracked/signed

A4 Format:

  • All print orders come with FREE stickers, and a FREE A4 print, different to the one you choose.

  • Glossy paper, 250 grams: 10 euro (+ 10 euro shipping).

  • International shipping/shipped flat/tracked/signed


  • All parcels are sent the next day after you placed the order. You will be contacted with a receipt that proves that the parcel was sent and a tracking code for your order.

  • I charge a flat shipping fee for any country (except Romania), as stated above. For more information regarding shipping prices, please follow the link:

A3/A4 Art Print and stickers.
A3/A4 Art Print
In the heart of the woods
A3/A4 Art Print
Forbidden Rites
A3/A4 Art Print
The secret is revealed
A3/A4 Art Print
Cadaver Synod
A3/A4 Art Print
Vlad Tepes
A3/A4 Art Print
Open the Gates of Hell
A3/A4 Art Print
A3/A4 Art Print
Schema Monk
A3/A4 Art Print
The Hand of the Mysteries ofSabazios
A3/A4 Art Print
A3/A4 Art Print
A3/A4 Art Print
Gate to the Underworld
A3/A4 Art Print
A3/A4 Art Print
Lovecraftian creatures.
A3/A4 Art Print
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